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About Garza Blanca Preserve
  • The 6 Penthouse Towns of the Club House go from the 354 mts2 to 567mts2, consist of 3 bedroom and their prices initiate from $ 2' 995.000,00 USD, count on elevator of deprived access, marble floor covered with granite, cabinets and doors of solid wood " Amapa" , Central A/C, Jacuzzi deprived in the terrace and underground parking. The Penthouse will be finished in October/November of 2008
  • The Beach Towns has 3 bedroom,  firing chambers of 315mts2, with a price that go from $1' 083.500,00 USD; the Towns of 2 bedroom  with 210mts2 from $ 929.500,00 USD and 229mts2 from $ 984.500,00 USD;  the Penthouse Towns with 382mts2 to     $3' 228.750,00 USD (these measures already include the terraces). The floors are of marble and the granite cover, cabinets and door of solid wood, electric home appliances of discharge caliad, central A/C and underground parking. The units will be being been giving in 18 months.
  • The sales of Beach Towns per Partial Time of 2 firing chambers by 3 months to the year, are by a price of $ 309.640,00 USD and 6 semans by $ 151.044,00 USD.
  • The Floresta Residences, is the last Project phase and esteem that will begin in 2010.  
Units: 174
Completion: 95% First Section
Price: $ 929,500.00 USD Starting

  • Club House with Restaurant/Louge Gourmet, exclusive wine Terrace, Bar, Lobby Bar, Delhi Market and Valet Parking
  • Restaurant/lateral Bar to the pond of the Club House with service in the beach and spectacular view to the bay
  • Two connected Infinity pools with a 1.055 total of mts2, fountains inner and bed sources, 3 Jacuzzis, service of towels, squares and dressing room Country style
  • Holistic SPA Club in the mountain; 2 Tennis courts, Gym totally equipped and exclusive Club House membership
  •  Hotel Boutique Service style 5  Stars and privates cheffs available
  • TV Satelite access, wireless Internet of high speed in common areas and inner conecciones of network in residences central
  • System of purification and water heating; as well as emergent electrical generator

Payment Plans:
  • 25% of Enlistment and 75% when giving itself the Unit, with 10% of discount but additional 4% in the sale of the first units.

Garza Blanca Club House